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Evangeline Cafe

8106 Brodie Lane
Austin, TX 78745 (view map)

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Price: $5.99
Type Of Cut: Chips

Awesome live local music. Closed on Sunday.

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Reviewed by Abraham on January 03, 2009

Iíve been wanting to try out Evangeline Cafe for a good while now, and yesterday I got my chance. I truly believe that your entire dining experience can make or break a pickle, and yesterdayís conditions couldnít have been better. The temp was in the upper 70ís, I was on my motorcycle all day, lots of good beer was consumed, and this joint was literally rocking.

Despite the photo, the basket of chips is of a decent size but you are paying $6 (no happy hour prices here). The batter was more cornmeal than my preferred tempura style however they were not weighed down with that gritty, greasy texture I have come to expect from cornmeal batter. Each chip was seasoned with a very pleasing cajun style spice, but perhaps what caught me off guard the most (in a pleasing way) was the dipping sauce. The menu said homemade ranch but what I was served was more of a creamy thousand island. Iím not a huge fan of thousand island dressing but this concoction was damn tasty.

I just cant recommend Evangeline Cafe enough. This place was so packed in fact that the owner finally asked if I minded sitting with another group of people. I jumped at the chance and we all shared beers and fried food while tapping our toes, singing, and yee-hawing with the band. The other food I sampled from my new friends was equally enjoyable. I couldnít think of a better place or experience to have on a Saturday afternoon should you want to take in some awesome cajun food while tipping some cold ones and singing and dancing the day away.

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